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Communicating your value proposition
and driving results through human-centered design.

Atomik works with multiple entities in the arts and education community to visually represent their value proposition and inspire community involvement and support through effective and valuable design. We are conceptual thinkers and creative problem solvers that quickly understand our clients’ needs and translates them into effective and valuable. Whether fundraising, community activism or sales, we deliver original, creative messages and ideas to help you reach your goals.

From websites and digital advertisements, to print collateral such as brochures, direct mail,
annual reports, or posters, 
we can help you grow your business through professional, engaging designs.

We offer custom design and branding solutions in the following areas:
· Branding / Logo Strategy
· Outreach Solutions (Marketing & Advertising)
· Promotional Materials (Brochure & Catalog)
· Digital Strategy (Website & Print)
· Direct Mail
· Event and Poster Design

We help your organization’s mission through design.
Whether it’s a new website or direct mail outreach or branding or fundraising for your organization –
we can help with professional design that will enhance your organization’s mission and brand.
Contact us today to discuss your project and see how we can help.